Creek Nation Proposal


1st spot – 
This spot will highlight the success of Muscogee (Creek) tribal members.  Muscogee (Creek) people have members in a variety of fields including; business, medicine, entertainment, etc… We will highlight them and capture the momentum of the Muscogee (Creek) leaders as they pave the way for the future.  Too many tribal commercials focus on the past --- we will highlight the future.  
Style – 
In keeping with the message of the forward movement of the Muscogee (Creek) people the look of the commercial will reflect this.  With use of Tripods, Dolly Tracking shots and graphics the images will be in constant movement.  Not so much that it becomes distracting, but in a very classic, yet modern style.  
2nd Spot – 
Here we will highlight the positive impact that gaming has had on the tribe and the surrounding community.  We will show the jobs that gaming has created as well as the programs that exist because of gaming revenue.  We will focus on the Jenks Riverwalk and reflect how the Muscogee (Creek) Nation is impacting the larger community as a whole in Oklahoma.  
Style – 
In keeping with the style of the 1st spot we will have a constantly moving, fluid camera to reflect the forward movement of the tribe.      
American Indian Actors
A diverse group of working actors share their stories from set and stage in this short film created for the Screen Actors Guild President's National Task Force for American Indians.
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