Park Grubbs

In the 1980's - A few disenfranchised Okie teens mastered the art of prank phone calls which became known as Park Grubbs.

Who is Park Grubbs?
“Yeah, I’m callin’ about that canoe you got for sale” - a seemingly innocent statement that progresses into - “I want to bathe your entire family.” This is just an inkling of what Park Grubbs has in store.
In the early 1980s, before Jerky Boys, Jack Ass, Crank Yankers, Punk’d and all the other modern envelope pushing pranksters, Park Grubbs, a trio of Okie teens imitating old geezers, was there at the forefront conducting strange backwoods experiments with a little help from a landline.  
I was lucky enough to get to edit the Kickstarter video for the successful raising of $21,570 to make this film.  This should be a great project by kickass filmmakers Bradley Beesley (Okie Noodling, Sweet Hearts of the Prison Rodeo, Flaming Lips music videos) and Ben Steinbauer of Winnebago Man fame.  A lot of fun!
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