What the Fork - Sally's

What the Fork - This was one of the original web series developed for This Land's web content and later This Land TV. In the series we let regular people take us to their favorite resturaunts. This episode is one of my favorites. We traveled to Pawhuska, Oklahoma and visited Sally's, a local greasy spoon run by the forever nightgown wearing Sally. This episode is hosted by Ryan Redcorn of the 1491's. Directed by Matt Leach and Sterlin Harjo

What the Fork - Web series created as part of This Land's online video programming.  We took real people to their favorite locally owned resturaunts and had them say in their own words why they loved the place.  This turned out to be one of our favorites.  Sally's in Pawhuska, Oklahoma is a local favorite and the owner who wears a night gown to work every day was happy to whip us up a hamburger.  
Ryan Redcorn of the 1491's guest hosts this episode.
Directed by Matt Leach and Sterlin Harjo
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